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Foundedin June of 2001 by Dr.Xionghui Wei, Beijing Boyuan-Hengsheng High-Technology Co., Ltd. is ahigh-tech company with businesses focused on the research and development ofscience & technology in the fields of environmental protection, chemistry,chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials, mining & mill run,smelting, machine, foundry and information technology.Headquartered in Zhongguancun, known as “the Silicon Valley of China”, thecompany consists of the departments of Technology Service, Research & Development(R&D), InformationTechnology, Administration and Human Resource, and Finance.

Weboast extensive experience in engineering design and management, projectdevelopment, and project management. Our team is committed, collaborative andinnovative, with ninety percent of employees holding college, master, ordoctorate degrees.  Innovation is the primary driver of our growth. Tosupport R & D, we have established state-of-art laboratories forfundamental research and exploiting test, and also own pilot productionfacilities. The portfolio of our patented techniques with independentintellectual property includes “Desulphurization of GasesCatalyzed by Biochemical Fe-basic Solutions” (patent ZL02130605.2), “Desulphurization,Decarburization, and Decyanation of Gases Catalyzed by Fe-basic Solutions”(patent: ZL99100596.1), “Removalof SOX from Flue Gas with Ethylene Glycol Solution” (patent: ZL200710110446.X), “A New Method for TheSeparation of Refined Iron Ore Powder Containing Vanadium and Titanium”(patent: ZL200810177354.8), “A Kind of ElectromagneticSeparator” (patent: ZL20082017746.0), Removal of SOx from Gases byPoly-Ethylene Glycol” (patent: ZL200910009058.1), “SuperconductingElectromagnetic Separator” (Applied Number: 200910180888.0),”A burglarproof gadget for programmed controlling telephone” (patentZL98205507.2 ), “A time-delayed automatic flusher”(patentZL9620529) , “The synthesizing process of benzoquinones bydirect oxidation of phenols” Applied Number: 201110194634.1)、“APermanent Magnet Collector with Strong Magnetic Field and HighGradient”Applied Number: 201110038923.2and more.

Now,we are focusing on the research and development of technologies, new productsand whole sets of equipments in the fields of environmental protection(including chemistry & chemical engineering), biomedical engineering,materials, mine resources, machine & foundry, and information technology.

Inthe field of environmental protection, the company focuses on developingindustrial applications and providing technical services in environmentalpollution control and “Three Wastes” treatment. We are also actively engaged insoftware development and hardware manufacturing for chemical engineeringautomation. Specifically, the company has developed with independentintellectual property of DDS desulphurization technique used in the process ofindustry gas purification. This technique is a breakthrough in traditionaldesulphurization theory by introducing biological technique into the process.The result is significant increase in desulphurization efficiency. With thistechnology having been adopted in over 100 chemical or fertilizer factories inthe provinces or cities of Tianjin, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Hunan,Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian and Sichuan, greater economic and social benefitshave been achieved. Currently, the company is making good process in developingnew techniques for desulphurization of flue gases. Our approach is to usesolvents to adsorb and desorb sulfur dioxide in flue gases with physical,chemical and biological methods. This approach not only removes sulfur dioxide,but also goes one step further to convert it into products of additional highvalues, i.e., liquid sulfur dioxide or sulfur. The unique advantage of thetechnique is the use of bacteria to accomplish the conversion of sulfur, whichis environment-friendly and easy to operate or maintain. Once delivered, thetechnology is expected to remarkably reduce the installation and operationalcosts for industrial desulphurization, rendering even greater economic andenvironmental benefits. In addition, the company is also involved in R & Dof techniques and equipments to treat urban residential and industrialwastewater.

Inthe field of biomedicine, the company undertakes R & D, manufacturing, andsales of natural products. A large amount of efforts have been made to extractand purify components in plants like Triperygium Wilfordii Hook F., SedumSarmentosum Bunge, green leaf of Bamboo, Celandine, and MacleayaCordata. Many alkaloid monomers have been identified and extractedincluding wilforddines, sarmentosins, arundoin, cylindrin, α(β)-allocryptopine,protopine, sanguinarine, ethoxysanguinarine, chelerythrine, chelirubine,chelidonine, corysamine, berberine, and bocconine. Ongoing toxicological andpharmacological tests for these alkaloid monomers or their mixtures in naturalplants will help to evaluate bioactivity and medicinal value of alkaloidmonomers or prescriptions. Additionally, investigation of several traditionalChinese prescriptions is underway to disclose their chemical compositions andcontents. Valid molecular monomers or parts, and their collaborating effectsand healing mechanisms will be explored in an effort to modernize traditionalChinese medicines.

Inpreparation for further expansion, the company has invested heavily in Boyuan Industry Co., Ltd. at Yongfeng, Jiangxi Province. As a majormanufacturing facility of the company, the factory has produced a wide varietyof products such as DDS catalyst series, alkaloids, intermediates of naturalmedicines, active ferrous carbonate, ferric pyrophosphate, ferrous hydroxide; themachines and equipments for desulfurization, mining, separating of ores,smelting; steel balls and puncheons, casts; and the products of compoundscontaining iron, titanium, vanadium, gold, silver, platinum extracted frommulti-metal ores or gangues.

InChina,the exploited iron ore resources are very limited. 85% of the discovered ironore resources are the worthless, poor and low grade “thin body” iron ores whichare very difficult to exploit, select, and enrich using current equipments andtechniques. Therefore, most of the iron ores inChinaare mainly imported fromother countries. For exploiting the poor and low grade “thin body” iron ores,we have formed a special research group and spent for 4 years in groping forthe suitable mineral processing and mining processes to treat this kind ofores. Now, we have developed new separating techniques and equipment to select,separate and enrich these iron ores. For that, we have poured a great amount ofmanpower, material resources, and financial resources in the Kalaqin ZuoyiMongolia Race Autonomy county, Chaoyang, Liaoning province, and createdthe Kazuo Weishi Mine Co., Ltd.to pursue the adventure for treating the poor and low grade “thin body” ironores. Now, we have established the first production line in the world toselect, separate and enrich these iron ores into 150,000 tons of the refinediron ore powders per year. If this production line runs successfully, aproduction line capable of processing 1,000,000 tons of refined iron orepowders per year will be set up to form an important production base of powdermetallurgy. That will provide reliable techniques and equipments to treat thepoor and low grade “thin body” iron ores and make contribution to fill the gapbetween the great demand and short supply of the iron mine raw materials forthe steel industry inChina.

Inthe field of IT, our team not only boasts extensive working experience ingeneral software application and development, but also has in-depth knowledgein specialized areas like industry monitoring, computer networking, databasemanagement, interface communication, and adaptive control. Now we focus on thepromotion of the system platform for chemical factory information managementand production optimization. Based on modern management methods, the system alsocombines specific management methods and experience of each company, making it useful,scientifical and applicable. It is a promising application in chemicalengineering, especially in the field of nitrogen fertilizer manufacture.Currently, the system is being used in Linggu Chemical Co., LTD, Jiangsu Province. It’s easy-operation bringsgreat convenience to managers and employees, rendering the quickness of informationtransmission. With this system, managers can also be exactly informed of thesituation in finance and device, personnel schedule, and Logistics at any time,leading to the improvement of efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

Todiversify and expand company businesses and explore new growth opportunities,Beijing HengtaiYuansheng International Trade Co., Ltd.has been established asan international trade company by Dr. Wei. The international trade company notonly complements our existing businesses, but also represents our attempts forbetter decision-making in terms of company strategy. It is also a wide windowfor doing business with the outside world.

Withour leading technologies, high quality services, and a great tracking record ofcredibility, Beijing Boyuan HengshengHigh Technology Co., Ltd. is always ready to serve and developextensive cooperation with customers/partners fromChinaand all over the world.




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